Current Sermon Series


Ever wonder?

  • Why is prayer so important, yet so neglected?
  • What can I do to pray more often?
  • Why should I pray if God already knows what’s best?
  • What should be the content of my prayer? Just requests?

Please join us for the next few weeks as we explore the Bible’s teaching on these questions.

Franklin Life Academy

StackofBooks  FCC is excited to announce a new program starting this fall.  

 Life Academy will provide free classes focused on helping adults capture the information they may have      missed or never learned in high school.  It is intended to help people gain the confidence necessary to go back to school, improve their daily lives, and to give them more mobility in their jobs.  These classes are developed for adult learners and are non-adversarial.  Grades, fear, pressure and judgement are eliminated and are replaced with respect, mentorship and love.  The intended students are low-income underserved adults who do not qualify for traditional assistance programs.

 For more information, check out the Life Academy website: