Pastors Bio


Daniel Jepsen

13775532_10210100989105724_5048135802968209151_nPastor Daniel Jepsen joined Franklin Community Church in 2001 as Associate Pastor.  He was asked to become Senior Pastor in 2005.

Daniel received his master’s degree from¬†Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He has been in the ministry for 20 years.

Daniel is married to a beautiful woman named Amy, who views it as her chief duty to keep him sane and out of trouble. They have been blessed with three children: Rachel, Joseph, and Sarah.

Daniel is also an adjunct professor in the areas of New Testament and Philosophy at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Daniel’s interests include reading (mainly history and the classics), hiking and whatever his kids are doing.


Nathan Beasley

contactphotoNate is our youth director and pastoral intern. Nate has a strong passion for the Lord and for the lost. as one of the leaders of InterVarsity at Franklin College, Nate has been involved in teaching the Bible and leading discussions, skills He is also able to use at FCC.

Nate’s interests include soccer, missions, and math.



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