At Franklin Community Church, children matter to us because they matter to God.

The goal of the children’s ministry at FCC is simple:  To partner with parents in providing Christian spiritual formation to their children. Everything we do revolves around that goal in one way or another.

Because God has created us with many dimensions, we believe spiritual formation must proceed on several levels.  For children these are:

Intellectual: What do I know about God, the Bible, and His Church?

Emotional: What do I feel about God and his ways?

Social: What is my place in relationship to God, God’s church, and others?

Our program is structured as an answer to those needs:

Family Study Hour answers the intellectual needs of children in spiritual formation.  This class presents Bible knowledge at a level geared for each child’s age and development.  Currently we have eight age levels for children.  Family Study Hour meets at 9;15, before the morning worship service.

Children’s Worship Time is geared, not at the head, but at the heart and emotions.   As children praise God with kid-friendly worship songs, they not only know but feel God’s goodness.  Children’s worship time meets during the sermon portion of the Sunday morning worship service, and is for children in elementary school and below.

Summit Kid’s Club ministers to both the intellectual and the social levels, and is also one of the prime outreaches of the church.  Kids find it easy to invite friends because of the fun that’s mingled with the teaching and Bible memory.  Summit meets on the fourth Friday of each month during the school year.