We have a very active youth program at Franklin Community Church, led by Nate Beasley (see his bio here)

As with our children’s ministry, we seek to partner with parents in the spiritual formation of their teenagers.  This occurs in three levels:

Intellectual: What do I know about God, the Bible, and His Church?

Emotional: What do I feel about God and his ways?

Social: What is my place in relationship to God, God’s church, and others?

The youth ministry program, then, is structured in such a way as to help meet those areas of spiritual need.

Family Study Hour classes teach scripture and doctrine in an age-appropriate way.  Generally, High Schoolers and Middles Schoolers are divided into two groups for teaching, which occurs at 9:15 on Sunday morning.  A rotation of adults teach these classes, and the current year schedule can be seen here:

Sunday Night Worship is for High School and Middle School students, and normally meets at the church.  Part of the evening is social, and part of it involves worship in an age-appropriate style.

We also sponsor various other activities and trips, including Middle School Camp, 30 Hour Famine, mission trips, concerts, lock-ins, and other group-building events.