Summer/Fall 2012 List Calendar

Here is a list of events for the summer and fall:

June 10: Youth Bonfire

June 16: Hall/Thompson wedding

June 18-22 Daniel is off

June 23: Memorial service for Steve Sexton

June 23: Youth boys breakfast

June 24: Youth trip to Lake Lemon

June 29: Youth King’s Island Trip

July 1: All-church pool rental

July 8-10: Youth Michigan Trip

July 15-21: County Fair (Lemonade Stand on the 18th)

June 22: Youth Restaurant Road Trip

July 28: Youth boys breakfast

June 29: Youth Indy Road Trip

Aug. 1: Youth canoeing and hiking trip (Turkey run)

Aug. 5: Youth group at Shumaker’s house

Aug. 12: All-church pool rental

Aug. 15: School starts

Aug. 18: Youth boys breakfast

Aug. 18: Cove Outreach

Sept. 9: Small Group Smackdown

Sept. 15: Dan’s sabbatical starts

Nov. 2-3: Men’s Retreat