Being an adult is easy, right? You get a job and a spouse, buy a house and pop out a couple kids. What could be so difficult?

But what happens when you begin to ask yourself, "Is this all there is?" What happens when the spouse is distant, the kids cause problems, and the career seems pointless. Or maybe things are going pretty well; you're climbing the latter of success. But you begin to realize it's propped up against the wrong wall.

At FCC we can't tell you that God will solve all your problems or bless your life in every way. That would be dishonest and a perversion of the gospel. 

Fact is, the gospel isn't about making your life better, but making you more like Jesus Christ. 

We seek to be part of that Christ-formation by the following ways:

  • By designing worship services that remind us of the beauty and glory of the One we are worshiping, so our hearts desire to respond in gratitude and obedience.

  • By sermons which go deep in exploring God's Word, and then seek to help us apply that to our lives in 21st century America.

  • By Lifegroups in which we t through the meaning of the sermon, how it applies in our own lives, and praying for and supporting each other.

  • By encouraging spiritual friendships and discipleship groups.

  • By helping each person find a place of service, where their gifts and passions meet the needs of others.

  • By leading outreach and service into our community.