Brutally Honest Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is your church actually like? 

Oh, we are a perfect church with life-changing music, dynamic preaching, incredible leadership, and a good-looking pastor. 

Ok. Not really. 

We are an imperfect church trying to serve a wonderful Savior. We don't get everything right. Sometimes the worship and singing is great. Sometimes it drags. Sometimes the sermons are clear and helpful. Sometimes they aren't. The pastor can be an inconsistent leader, and only his wife thinks he's good looking.  (And, yes, he is the one writing all of this.) 

But we honestly try to please God through what we do. We treasure the Scriptures as God's revelation of Himself to us. We try to help each other become more like Christ. And we attempt to become a community, not attract a crowd. 

Why do you have the Worship Service first? 

Because our Life-groups, coming after the Worship Service, are then able to discuss the sermon and text and help each other to apply them. 

Do you do hymns or contemporary music? 

We do both, but about 70 percent are contemporary. We often begin with a hymn then transition to more modern music. About one week in five, we focus entirely on the hymns. 

Why do you include hymns? 

Because the church wasn't started in the 1980's. She has 2,000 years of rich resources to draw upon. And we don't want our kids to grow up not knowing A Mighty Fortress or Amazing Grace. 

How does Pastor Daniel preach? 

He generally just downloads sermons from Joel Osteen. 

Just kidding. Daniel preaches, normally, in a verse-by-verse fashion called expository preaching. He often uses visuals to help explain the text or illustrate it. 

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