FCC Students

At Franklin Community Church, we are dedicated to student ministry. We believe the teenage years are foundational in a person's spiritual growth.

Youth Ministry at Franklin Community Church

Being a teenager is hard. It is a transitional stage between childhood and adulthood, and that transition can be awkward, difficult and painful. But that transition is also crucial in forming what kind of adult that person will be.

At Franklin Community Church, we don't view the teenage years as a necessary evil, but a positive good. We don't put up with teenagers; we embrace them. We don't find just a warm body to babysit them and feed them pizza. Our pastor himself oversees the youth ministry and teaches every week. Four younger adults assist him. Together they provide depth and energy, teaching and fun, worship and modeling. And occasionally pizza.

Youth Meeting times

We don't embrace the recent trend where teens have their own separate time of worship and teaching on Sunday morning. We feel it is vital to have families worship together, and for teens to see their parents worshiping and listening to the Word.

Yet we also understand that teens have their own issues and concerns. So, after the worship service we have a classes for teens. These classes focus mostly on bible teaching at an age-appropriate level. 

Then, on Sunday nights, we have youth group from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. This time includes games, worship, teaching, and food. 

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